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Apart from the realities, very far i have just imagined what i was not supposed to do…i imagined that we are in love, imagined the togetherness when we actully know that we are apart…

we all are cherish for the life which in realities does not exist, the biggest mistake we ever do that we do not live in the realities but we build up something in our mind which is far away from the realities, and gradually we start to live in the world of hypocrisy where people become numb and stolid and what they actully do is not to live their lives but to pretend it….

sometimes the birds who flies high in the sky comes down not for the sake of coming down or they feel tired, but in the search of food, because they knows that they will not get anything to eat there up in the sky they have to come down, for their basic need on which their life is depend, and we fool always make our world high in the sky, we do not even think that we will not get anything to eat over there, we do not even think about that what will happen next….

we create something which is out of our understanding and in simple terms we called it foolishness….and then finally we realise that we have created something only to destroy, then we feel, we cry, we scream but no one comes to console us from that imagined world, and the one who remain to accompany us is only our soul….


bid to 2016

A one more year is giving a bid to us. we are here, present here,with our old memories and old relations and of course the new is waiting for us. we do not only pass the year but we are required to live that and to love that. the whole year changes occurred but one thing remain with us and that is i, and never allow to snatch this i from you because this is the thing which helps you making yourself your every step, every word, every single moment makes the place in someones heart so be always polite in your nature. i know these things are not giving you something to eat but they definitely give you the value of yourself, they are the things which makes your worth in someone’s eye.

a new year is waiting for all of us take a resolution that you will never hurt yourself because you can not make laugh to everyone so you should just think about yourself but a small change can bring the happiness in you and in others life too, and that change is you should just start thinking very positively, you should think about kindness, your way to behave with people, your way of talking, never think about to hurt someone, unnecessary use of lying, and many other small things which can make someone happy and you too.

celebrate this new year with the thought of togetherness and the kindness a very warm happy new year to all, may this year bring lots of lights and colours in your life.

Relation are meant to be kept but the kind of relation who only gives you troubles, worries and humiliation you should bid to that relation, that sort of relation are nowhere meant to be kept. Relation can be of any kind but most probably the one which hurt you most are not supposed to continue. People try to hurt you only one time and when they realize that you will not say anything, then they makes themselves ready to go for the second attempt, this is you, your behaviour, your kindness that giving them chances to making the more attempts to hurt you and they think because they are more powerful than you that why they are able to do that. you should not feel guilty or wrong over this because you are nowhere wrong,yes but the point where you have mistaken was the first step of humiliation which they had taken for you and you didnt stop them. when you would stop them to speak wrong to you then only you realize your value and they also get to know about your worth. You takes the relation seriously so you are good at your side but someone humiliating you is the dark side of his……

How much someone meant to you never allow them to come to know, because they never leave single chance to judge you. The importance of someone should be the secret and your nature towards them is the way of expressing the importance.

being alone

If you are alone its not a bad thing and it is not like u always feel regret for that but its an opportunity its an chance to prove yourself without having the company of anyone. Sometimes it happens that you are alone and you feel that every one is criticizing you, laughing at you, but no, I must say there is nothing like this because when you will be with someone then also they will not let you go they make their comments at that moment also and you can not make somebody to keep mum but you can control yourself, you can do what you want, so in that situation you just go ahead with all your heart because until or unless you will not leave your hands you nowhere alone.Your biggest strength is the you who support you, motivates you, laugh with you, cry with you, walk with you and hide with you.

Try to stand alone, try to being a sole walker who just keep their hands together and feels that there is someone who is holding their hands tightly and tight like they never ever feel alone.There is a different kind of pleasure in the loneliness and the feeling which no one can snatch away from you.Whenever and wherever you feel like this is the worst feeling and you do not want to bear this feeling anymore then start entertaining yourself, start appreciate yourself, find the things whom you can love because they are the things who are in your control they never get away from you. People are worse they left you when they realize your value or their value